Miss Universe Contestant – Photos Exploited on Escort Site

Myana Welch, Miss Universe Guam 2017, was devastated to discover that an escort site had stolen photoshoot images of her and used them to create a fake escort profile. To Myana, it seemed obvious that this wasn’t a real account, but then she realized others may not know that. “That’s my face..” she explains in a Facebook video. “and it’s saying…things that almost make me ashamed to even read.”

News 3 Las Vegas reported that the photos were found by online image protection company, FaceChex. Once Myana was notified of the misuse of her photos, she authorized FaceChex to issue legal documents to remove the stolen images.

Have your images been misused online? Myana is inviting you to join her in combatting online image exploitation. To take a stand with her, share your story on the Facebook group UsToo. This page is a movement to raise awareness of online exploitation and show victims they are not alone and that there is help.

Watch Myana’s video on the exploitation of her photos:

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