Miss Universe Guam Combats Fake Profiles

Could you be a victim of online identity theft?

Imagine that you go on a beach vacation with friends. You take lots of photos enjoying the weather, laying out by the water in your bathing suit. You are excited to share those photos with your friends on Facebook, but what if you later discover that these images were copied and uploaded on an inappropriate website, sexualizing and objectifying them?


Myana Welch, title holder of Miss Universe Guam 2017, recently discovered that her photoshoot images were exploited on an escort site.  Crime Watch Daily highlighted this story, hopefully reaching more victims of online identity theft and inspiring them to stand up against their abusers along with Myana. She has started a movement through the Facebook page UsToo to raise awareness about online abuse and to offer support to victims.

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You can watch Myana’s video on her experience here:


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