FaceChex in Forbes: 5 Online Safety Tips

Are you taking the necessary steps to be safe online? Or are you leaving yourself open to identity theft? Read FaceChex founder Mark Bauman’s latest Forbes article to find out.

The recent news has been filled with cases of public figures dealing with online identity theft, such as Myana Welch’s images being exploited on a fake escort ad, but people are often reluctant to believe this is something that could happen to them. Identity thieves capitalize on this disbelief. The article explains that a “Brazilian father was shocked to realize that his profile image had been copied and used to create a vehicle for Russian meddling in the U.S. election.”

Don’t let identity thieves hide behind your image to catfish, scam, or otherwise mislead others. Bauman explains the importance of privacy settings, vetting your social circle, and understanding the agreements you enter online. Along with educating yourself on online safety, make sure to pass on this information to others. Check out the FaceChex Kickstarter to create an online safety book for teens to order a book for your family and your local library!

You can watch the Kickstarter Live video on the article here.


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