Social Media Posts Aren’t Supposed To Be Stolen But Are All Too Often

stolen pictureSocial media has boomed in the last decade, and using multiple sites we share pictures of our children, ourselves, our loved ones and even our pets. We update people every day on our whereabouts and what we are doing, what we like and when we are or are not at home. While this keeps us connected to our friends and family, strangers follow us and we sometimes gain friends that we haven’t ever actually met in real life; and underneath all of the good is a dangerous world of cyberstalking, stolen identities and photos being saved without our permission.


Sales of private information and violations of privacy agreements are always happening. Anyone in the world with less than good intentions could come across pictures of you, your children or your loved ones and save them to use for not-so-wholesome posts later on. They can create entire profiles pretending to be you to gain access to your friends and family, and even your jobs and livelihoods. There is a way to stop all of this, but how? What can you do to protect yourself from these people who are out to harm whoever they can in one of the easiest ways possible?


FaceChex is a platform that was created for your protection. FaceChex’s main goal is to stop third party users, people and companies who are not you, from using your private and personal content without your permission. Signing up for FaceChex is easy with just a few simple steps.


They will ask you to upload a photo of yourself or your loved ones so they can scan the Internet for matching photos that are being used without your permission. This way you know exactly where your face is popping up and why. They will even help you to take down those photos that are being shared without your consent through legal forms like DCMAs.

Safety and privacy is the number one concern of FaceChex, and something that all individuals should be putting as a top priority in this day and age of online use.

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