Protect Your Identity By Fingerprinting Your Face

facial fingerprintWe hear about identity theft all the time, whether it is from commercials for consumers who have had their identity stolen, or possibly family members that have had to go down the long hard road of getting their identity back. People are constantly discovering that out there, a thief is spending their money, running up their credit, or worse; but we almost never think about thieves stealing our faces.


We don’t think about how someone can steal our pictures and create an entire online presence, trick friends, family and coworkers into believing it is them or even catfish other people! Your face is unique just like your fingerprint, and only you should be able to choose where and what your face is being used for.


There are big headlines of stars and others having their pictures stolen, or “deep fake” videos being created of them. In these instances, fake porn can be made and to look like their face is on pictures that they do not want out in the world, being distributed or even sold. But it’s not just the starlets that are in danger of this huge scam: regular people are being targeted everyday, including your children and loved ones.


FaceChex has created an online platform that combats this potentially life-altering crime. When you sign up for FaceChex, the site is going to create a unique fingerprint of your face that they can pick up anywhere your photos are being used without your consent. You have different plan options so you can scan for 5 photos, 10 photos, 15 photos or more.


Once you have saved your specified media library, FaceChex is going to scan hundreds upon thousands of websites for you and report back to you everywhere where your photos have popped up. Once that happens you get to go through that list and verify if it’s a site you want your photos on, or if that site is using your photos illegally. If they are in fact using your photos without your permission you can take the legal steps, like filing a DCMA to force them to take it down. This is how FaceChex helps not only protects you as an individual but also protects your children, loved ones, or anyone worried about protecting images of their face online.

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