Let’s Face It: Pirates Won’t Stop Stealing Unless You Make Them

piracyIf all it took to stop crime was to tell it to stop, then we would have no crime. Sadly it is a lot harder than that to get people to stop committing things like identity theft, fraud and worse. This is especially true when it comes to pirates.

Online “pirates” are people who search websites for information that they can steal and use for their own benefit. They want your passwords, your account numbers, credit cards and worst of all they want to steal your face. Your face is like your fingerprint, it is unique and only belongs to you, so you should be able to control and make all the decisions for where your face shows up.


Online pirates will steal your photos and upload them to different websites pretending to be you. They will steal photos of your loved ones and even your children. While a lot of websites claim to have privacy settings and to not sell your data to third parties, we know that not to be the case. But what can you do to protect yourself? How would you even know if someone downloaded your profile picture and is pretending to be you? FaceChex is the answer to both of those questions.


FaceChex is an online platform whose main job is to make sure you take back control. Once you sign up for FaceChex and choose your plan, you can upload the photos you want to keep safe: your face, your children, or anything that you find important. Once you do that, FaceChex will scan the internet to search for any other places where photos that match your unique facial fingerprint are being used.


Once you get that report back, you can choose which sites are valid to you and which sites are not. For the sites that are not, you are given the option to take legal actions against these sites to force them to take down your photos.  Pirates won’t ever stop unless you make them and FaceChex gives you the tools to make this happen. 

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