Fighting Revenge Porn – Kickstarter Live interview with the Badass Army

Revenge Porn Activist Image Protection

You can run, you can hide, – you can post anonymously – but this army of badasses will find you…

Today we sat down with the “avenger” of revenge porn, Katelyn Bowden, the founder of the Badass Army, a group devoted to fighting online image abuse. Members banded together after their personal images were shared without consent on an anonymous chat board, and used to demean and humiliate them. Together, they have created a community of activists that work to protect their members as well as all others online from the abusive practice of revenge porn.

The group takes a vigilante approach to combatting revenge porn, as Katelyn describes in the interview. They reject the common saying that ‘if you didn’t want your images to be shared online, you shouldn’t take them.’ Instead, they work to protect others online because that type of victim-blaming has no place in their mission.

Watch the Kickstarter Live interview to learn more about the Badass Army’s mission and how FaceChex technology can help fight online image abuse!

You can support the Badass Army on their Go Fund Me page. Proceeds go toward their legal fees, helping others affected get their photos removed from the board, and helping victims process the emotional toll that this type of abuse has on their lives.

FaceChex in Forbes: 5 Online Safety Tips

Are you taking the necessary steps to be safe online? Or are you leaving yourself open to identity theft? Read FaceChex founder Mark Bauman’s latest Forbes article to find out.

The recent news has been filled with cases of public figures dealing with online identity theft, such as Myana Welch’s images being exploited on a fake escort ad, but people are often reluctant to believe this is something that could happen to them. Identity thieves capitalize on this disbelief. The article explains that a “Brazilian father was shocked to realize that his profile image had been copied and used to create a vehicle for Russian meddling in the U.S. election.”

Don’t let identity thieves hide behind your image to catfish, scam, or otherwise mislead others. Bauman explains the importance of privacy settings, vetting your social circle, and understanding the agreements you enter online. Along with educating yourself on online safety, make sure to pass on this information to others. Check out the FaceChex Kickstarter to create an online safety book for teens to order a book for your family and your local library!

You can watch the Kickstarter Live video on the article here.


Russian Meddling Perpetuated by Fake Profiles

When Facebook first admitted that 10 million people may have viewed Russian-sponsored ads on its platform, Facechex founder Mark Bauman was skeptical at how such a number could be so influential in the 2016 election. “ads on a pure numbers level have a .001% to (in extreme cases) 10% click-through ratio — the ratio of people who actually click an ad versus how many just see it.” Bauman explains in his Forbes article. This would mean that these ads would have only affected 10,000 people – hardly enough to sway the entire country’s election.

Bauman sat down for a Kickstarter Live interview to explain why a “complicated web of fake profiles across the social media sphere” is far more likely the vehicle used to influence the election. Facebook initially estimated that 6% of it’s user-base was comprised of fake or duplicate accounts.

And that number keeps growing. The latest estimates by Facebook put the estimate at 270 million fake accounts, or 10% of its user-base. Through Bauman’s estimates, he anticipates that number is closer to 500 million. We will be on the lookout for Facebook’s next update on its fake profile count…

In the meantime, check out FaceChex’s Kickstarter campaign to create an online safety book for teens.


Silence Breakers named TIME Person of the Year

The brave Silence Breakers behind the #metoo movement have been recognized as TIME’s Person of the Year. The idea was conceived in 2006 by Tamara Burke, but went viral after being posted by Alyssa Milano in October of 2017: “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.” It has received over 66,000 responses so far.

The movement was described by Edward Felsenthal, TIME editor-in chief, as “the fastest moving social change we’ve seen in decades.” Not just women, but men are also coming forward to speak out about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. The concept has permeated social media, inspiring victims to report the crimes against them, resulting in powerful men losing their jobs that once were able to shield themselves from retaliation.

You can watch the TIME piece on the Silence Breakers here:

Inspired by the Silence Breakers and the overwhelming impact of the #metoo movement, Miss Universe Guam, Myana Welch, has teamed up with us here at FaceChex to create a movement against online image abuse. When your image is stolen online, it affects you, the people in your social circle, as well as others online who are catfished, scammed, or hacked by someone using your photos. Online image abuse affects me, you, and #ustoo. #Ustoo is an outlet for victims of online image abuse such as revenge porn, identity theft, and hacking, to raise awareness and offer support to others.

Myana speaks to CBS8

Myana shared her story on the FaceChex Youtube channel, talking about how she dealt with finding out her photoshoot images had been sexualized and exploited on a fake online escort ad. She directed FaceChex to take down the pictures and spoke out about the lasting impact from the experience to CBS 8 San Diego to raise awareness on the issue of online image abuse.

If you have been affected by sexual harassment, assault, or online image abuse, know that you are not alone, and you can fight back. Through awareness and action it is possible to begin the healing process and prevent these crimes moving forward.

Are you ready to share your story of online image abuse, or offer your support to other victims? Use the tag #Ustoo to share your experience and get involved in the movement to end online image abuse. You can also reach out to FaceChex at if you wish to share your story anonymously or need help getting stolen images removed online.


Kickstarter Live Interview with Miss Universe Guam

We hope you were able to tune in for today’s Kickstarter live interview with Miss Universe Guam, Myana Welch!

FaceChex founder, Mark Bauman, talked with Myana about her experience with online identity theft and how to protect yourself and your children from exploitation online.

If you missed the livestream, (or would like to watch it again!), please visit our Kickstarter page to watch a replay and order your copy of our online safety book Hacked at 17.

Were you as inspired by Myana’s bravery as we were? She is standing up for what is right and fighting against fake profiles – and you can join her! If you have a story to share, please send it to

Miss Universe Guam Combats Fake Profiles

Could you be a victim of online identity theft?

Imagine that you go on a beach vacation with friends. You take lots of photos enjoying the weather, laying out by the water in your bathing suit. You are excited to share those photos with your friends on Facebook, but what if you later discover that these images were copied and uploaded on an inappropriate website, sexualizing and objectifying them?


Myana Welch, title holder of Miss Universe Guam 2017, recently discovered that her photoshoot images were exploited on an escort site.  Crime Watch Daily highlighted this story, hopefully reaching more victims of online identity theft and inspiring them to stand up against their abusers along with Myana. She has started a movement through the Facebook page UsToo to raise awareness about online abuse and to offer support to victims.

Also, check out We’re the online image protection company that discovered and is getting her images removed. We offer affordable image protection plans that protect your online images.

You can watch Myana’s video on her experience here:


Miss Universe Guam Fights Online Exploitation

The Pacific Daily News reports that Miss Universe Guam, Myana Welch, is using her voice to fight online exploitation.

Welch recently discovered that her image was being exploited on a fake escort account, as well as other fake social media accounts. She was devastated to learn about this misuse of her photoshoot images, but is determined not to let the online abusers win. She is fighting back against the site that exploited her images with the help of online image protection company FaceChex.

FaceChex submitted legal documents to the escort site, demanding that the abusive content be removed. Along with getting her images removed, Myana is creating a movement for other victims of this online exploitation called UsToo. You can visit the UsToo Facebook page here to share your story and raise awareness for the cause.

Myana talks about her experience in a video blog:


Miss Universe Contestant – Photos Exploited on Escort Site

Myana Welch, Miss Universe Guam 2017, was devastated to discover that an escort site had stolen photoshoot images of her and used them to create a fake escort profile. To Myana, it seemed obvious that this wasn’t a real account, but then she realized others may not know that. “That’s my face..” she explains in a Facebook video. “and it’s saying…things that almost make me ashamed to even read.”

News 3 Las Vegas reported that the photos were found by online image protection company, FaceChex. Once Myana was notified of the misuse of her photos, she authorized FaceChex to issue legal documents to remove the stolen images.

Have your images been misused online? Myana is inviting you to join her in combatting online image exploitation. To take a stand with her, share your story on the Facebook group UsToo. This page is a movement to raise awareness of online exploitation and show victims they are not alone and that there is help.

Watch Myana’s video on the exploitation of her photos: